Building Engineer in Brisbane?

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    30th Sep, 2002
    From: Sandor K

    Hi all

    Not a long ago my property manager has advised me that there is a crack in
    one of my IP. The crack was there when we purchased it, although a bit
    smaller, and since the building has been there for 30 years and the
    building inspectors did not seem to be worried about it at the time of the
    inspection (basically, just keep an eye on it).
    My theory is that because the house is in the area where clay is plenty
    and since we had no decent rain for ages, the clay is shrinking, therefore
    the brick building is adjusting to the movements. But just to be on the
    safe side I would like to get some to check it out.
    I was told that it is no a building inspectors job as they would probably
    just recommend an engineer. I did have no luck finding one through any
    building inspectors, so thought that someone on the forum might have had
    similar experience, or even a contact what I can follow up?

    Thanks and it is a great forum indeed ;)

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