busy road problem


I have a unit on Boonong ave Seaford,melb. There are speed humps on adjoining roads and a speed limit on Boonong rd of 20KM around the corner. It is a long road and there are already speed diversions on it (traffic islands).

There is also a Bus route on the road.
The issue is the traffic is increasing a lot and many cars are going a little faster then recommended. Cars are using this road as a shortcut 'rat running' to eastlink and the train station.

The council mentions it wishes to decrease traffic on unnecessary rd's and what can be done? What can be done? Would the Frankston council bother to listen to 1 complaint?
They might listen to a bundle of complaints - does a sizeable groupf of families on your street feel this way?

The Y-man
print up some flyers re the traffic issue suggesting your neighbours complain to council (include council contact phone number and address) and do a letter box drop in your street.

I rang the Frankston coucil and they told me many other residents have complained about 'rat running' on the street. The council says they have measures in place already eg traffic islands,speed signs and there is nothing else they can do. They wont put speed humps in or change the bus route(which can easily be done) or put residents only on the street.

The council wont do anything as I suspected to stop the voulme if traffic caused by a growing population and eastlink.