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From: Anonymous

I wonder if someone could offer any thoughts on Qld Canal properties as an IP. I have an ulterior motive - I may wish to live in one some years down the track.

Would Canal properties approx. track the growth of seaside properties?
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From: Phillip Sharp

To Anon,

When talking about canal properties, the only ones I have personal experience with were on the Gold Coast.
In short there can be a lot of traps. Proximity to main river, tidal flow, flood possibilities and many others.

They can be very good longer term investments, however do your research. As a general point they do not appreciate anywhere near as good as costal properties, but they are a lot cheaper.
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From: Anonymous

Thanks, I was looking at Newport Waters (Scarborough). I am also wondering about the Airlie Beach area, I'm looking at retiring there in 10 years. I was looking at an investment at NewPort to be at least a hedge (growth wise) to an Airlie Beach property.
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From: Paul Zagoridis

I may be stating the obvious here...

If you're aiming to retire to Airlie Beach in 10 years, and you can afford to buy into Airlie today, then invest there.

Don't expose yourself to unnecessary regional fluctuations.

Now if you want to live off the proceeds of your IP (either rent or capital gain), then you have to pick the area that will meet that need. Then your income (or capital drawdown) determines where you can afford to live in retirement.

Paul Zag
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From: Anonymous

Thanks Paul

Nothing wrong with stating the obvious. I may yet do both if I can see that both areas have reasonable growth prospects.
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Canal Therapy

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From: Anonymous

Canals are a mixed blessing and here are some of the good points;
- mosquitoes by the truck load
- the flat water is an excellent noise reflector and you can hear your neighbours conversations quite clearly on a still night
- I love the smell of two stroke engine fumes, not to mention the noise these outboards make
- car access is a bit of a problem at times too, when the most direct route to your close destination takes you 6 times as far as it would due to the canals. Can't walk there too as I tend to be heavier than water and not being the son of God and all

Give me the beach/ocean front any day!
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