Carport to Garage

I have a carport that is attached to the house. Has anyone advice or experience in cheaply (!) converting this type of addition into a lock up garage? Is there more to it than a rollerdoor and some walls? Council permission required etc?

Or is it better to remove and start from scratch?
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I would like to know also how to do this as I would like to upgrade my IP.

Apparently, there is a minimum height requirement for a roller door option to be viable from the supplier point of view.
This probably isnt an answer but one of my IP,s has a carport. They enclosed it with stained timber decking spaced about 20 mm apart and a couple of roller doors on the front. There is a small 3 by 3 shed attached also for more weatherproof storage. Not quite a lock up garage but close enough to be advertised as one.