Central Coast Meet-UP

Hey guys-

It's the New year and there are plenty of exciting times ahead for our portfolios!

Let's get together and get/stay motivated!

Here are two dates : (This is an after thought for you Novacastrians (?))

Option 1.

Place: Terrigal Pub (upstairs, inside)
Time: 7pm
Date: Tuesday Feb 9th.

Option 2.

Place: Aromas Cafe/Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza (Outdoors)
Time: 2pm
Date: Sat 6th Feb.

Let me know if a better time would suit.

Regards JO
Saturdays I'm usually at OFIs - big work days - so Tuesdays are better (for me). You can't please everyone though - go with the majority.
Well- The decision is Tuesday night. :)

Considering all can now make it Tuesday night and I now have a social event my presence is also required at - Tuesday 7pm it is!

Cheers JO

Quick reminder : Tuesday 8th Feb, 7pm.

Terrigal Pub: Upstairs to the right of room. :)

See you all then!

Cheers, JO
Sorry I got a 5:30 phone that put everything off (though it's a good thing).
So much that I'm up early and still working on it.

PB You HAVE to come up!
It's not a problem I normally have... :eek:

I'm still looking at some IPs up there, or who knows mayb a futur ppor, so maybe next one.