Cheapest way to build garage?

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Are there any cheap building wall or materials we can use to quickly build a garage with low cost?

I used to visit a website where provides a product to quickly set up a garage or room, and the product is much cheaper than normal brick garage, just can't find out the website now :mad:


Get a stratco,titan or one of the many other garage pack companies for a couple of grand. Put up the frame, & tin for the roof. You can sell the rest of the tin in the trading post as colourbond roofing iron. Clad the outside in Blueboard (a csr product) and have it rendered.
4 telephone posts some tin from the dump and a swing door:p

alternatively buy absco shed kit there the cheapest have seen they use zinculime however you spell it is cheaper then colourbond
Not sure if you mean Hebel, but it is similar size (from memory) to bessa but much more air and much lighter, and can be cut and sawn and carved. We used it to enclose our Jotul firebox and keep the heat from damaging the house structure. We then put an old timber mantle on top and the heat doesn't get through to do any damage. Hubby also carved the name of our house into the block.

My undertanding is Hebel can be used like bessa blocks, but not sure if there are other things you need to do because of the lightness. I think you can throw up a garage very quickly and render it.

Or do you mean a different sort of concrete wall?
Blue board?

Was it blue board? Blue board is 10mm concrete panels and comes in varying widths. You do need a frame and then you would flush the joins (like plaster) and paint.

There is another polystyrene cladding called Exin (about 7kg per panel so one person can lift and install) which is much lighter to handle than hebel panels which need two men to lift and install depending on the thickness; this is fixed and finished similarly to blue board. All these products need to be texture painted or rendered and painted.

Like Wylie said there are large concrete blocks called Besser blocks and while you do have to get a brickie to lay them you can leave the inside unfinished as there is no frame (you could have the roof supported with brick/block piers and the walls themselves). You would need some plans drawn up to submit for a permit though which would add to the cost. With blueboard or exin you would have to clad the internal wall to cover the frame which would support the roof structure.

For cost effectiveness only I would buy a kit zinc garage; they come with specifications to submit for permits. It probably depends on the property and where you are putting the garage on the site.
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Thanks Wylie,

To be honest, I never seen Hebel block, so can't figure out how it looks like. Check up the dictionary, unfortunately, couldn't find it. If there is any picture about it, it would be excellent.

Your information is really appreciated, thanks!

Hi Wylie,Julie,

Thanks! I think you guys are right. According to your further description, it pretty much like what I remembered.

I'm planning build a new unit in the rear of my existing house on the block. Due to the limitation of the land size, and the cost of the budget. I'm wondering if I can put up two cost and space-consuming effective garages (one is in the backyard, and one is for the front existing house).

To help understand what I'm saying, I'll attach a draft I got from my architecture, hopefully it helps a little bit.




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By the way, may I ask where can get a quote or more information about those stuff, such as Blue board,Exin,Besser blocks,kit zinc?

Sorry for asking these so basic questions!

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Do you have any photos of the garage that you descibed above with the rendered blueboard walls and tin roof