Cleaning cost of our 1 bed apartment!

Total cost of cleaning came to approx $570 and my husband and I had already given it a brief spruce up and didn't think it was too bad. :eek:

I'm thinking about becoming a cleaner in Docklands. :rolleyes:

Without starting a new thread I also wanted to add that I found our new tenant on Facebook... even looking at their list of friends and 'groups' is very informative. No wonder people look at job interviews.

Yes, it's a quiet Friday night at home...:cool:
Hi Tuppence! How's thing going with you?

Yeah the price seems high but to be fair, it does include the windows, carpets, the greasy GREASY kitchen (ie. the rangehood), the linen etc.

The previous tenant had to leave in a hurry and therefore the cleaning costs are coming out of the bond. The guy just had to pack his bag and go, there was even food left in the fridge! The good thing for them is a saving of almost a months rent as we found a tenant nice and quick. (Actually I think they pay some of the advertising costs but that won't be too much).

Nooo, if we were paying we would have just finished the cleaning ourselves (except the carpet). My hubby and I have pretty high standards and often get comments on how clean we keep things.

As for Facebook, I'm surprised I didn't think of it earlier. I've got one pic of me on there since deleting the kids pictures because it could go the other way I guess. People have to be more choosy with their 'friends' as a few of the comment lines have some language that REALLY offends. I'm sure you get the idea of what I'm on about. I have about 12 friends who are nice and boring like me. :D
All good re the cleaning - as long as you are happy.
Going OT, but I don't have facebook (had that whole ''but I lost touch with you at high school because we weren't that friendly. Why would I want to get in touch now?'' conversation with so many people. Or maybe I'm just hard-hearted?:cool:).
However, hubby has an account - and we have also removed all pix of the kids. I'm ever vigilant to make sure his ''friends'' don't inadvertently post pix of our kids or house or anything else personal.
I simply cannot believe what people put on the web for anyone to see. I know it can be restricted and all that but ...
anyways, so far off topic now. Sorry,CD. Glad to hear you have a new tenant and all is well. Go you!:)
No! The outside window cleaning is whole different ball game. :eek:

Those people are definately worth the money we pay them (through body corp fees I guess).