Coffs Harbour

Hi all
Not sure whether I should put this here or in Caveat Emptor, but anyway...
I've been contacted by a lady who wants someone to vendor finance a house to her in Coffs Harbour. This is way outside my area, but if there's anyone else here who is interested, please let me know!
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
Hi Lissy
If you are successful please let me know, I have a relative in Coffs Harbour who is also looking for a property to purchase using a vendor finance arrangement.

I've moved the thread to Cav Empt for two reasons, firstly because it is sort of offerring a deal, and, because I think you may get a better response in here!!

good luck with it!

asy :D
I may be in a position to look at more long distance finance after Dec 5.

Send me an email ;)


Paul Zag