Computer Q

Just formatted my trusty HP laptop and for some reason the power save option to turn off the monitor after x amount of time is not working, the screen saver turns on fine.
Does anyone know why it wouldn't be turning the monitor off, running XP SP3?
Close or minimize all open windows, or click show desktop.

Right click the desktop and click properties.

Click the screen saver tab and click the power button at the bottom.

Heaps of options there.
That's exactly what I've been doing! Has worked on all my computers in the past, just this laptop won't work.
It might not have the correct graphics driver installed.
Are you just using one of the basic windows supplied drivers, or did you actually install the correct driver? There's also the chance of having a faulty/buggy driver version, so you can try downloading the latest driver or get the previous version if you are trying the latest one.

If you go into system properties - hardware tab - device manager, are there any exclamation or question marks? And when you click on display properties it should list the correct driver.

If you aren't sure of what graphics card you have, you could check the specs for your exact laptop, but maybe you have a non-standard graphics chip for your laptop? You might wanna download an information utility like gpu-z instead.
Thanks, was just the graphics driver. I thought I had updated everything with the auto update thing - it got some of the HP updates - but not the intel graphics driver.