Conveyancer, MB in Perth req'd.

Hi All

I've mostly lurked here for a year or so and learned an awful lot, so many thanks to all of you.

My 1st step to IP-world is I have just bought a PPOR, or at least my offer has been accepted. :)

I'm thinking of Bankwest's new capped Var rate loan, but I'd like to speak to a MB and also a conveyancer. Any recommendations? I'm south or river, not far from Shelley bridge.

The REA rec'd a conveyancer whose blurb stated I could buy the house through my credit card - so to gain bonus points - has anyone heard of this before?

Not sure how well this would work for me as my deposit is about 85% (yes I've been saving up a long time).

I'll also need B & P inspection.

Any rec's or advice very welcome.
I know a fantastic conveyancer in WA, but I doubt she's local to you (I don't know WA geography very well). I don't think location really matters, it's more important that they're really good at what they do.

I don't have the details at home, I'll post tomorrow from the office.

The BankWest capped rate loan is an interesting one, keep in mind the capped rate is only for a period of time and you do pay a premium above the regular variabler rate.

If you're doing it to save money, I think it's a bit like the fixed rates in that lenders do better analysis they the rest of us and you probably won't come out ahead. If you like it for the risk management factor then it's probably more suitable for you.
Ahh the sweet sound of variable rates! No wonder you guys are in the industry.:)

Hey thanks for all the replies, I'm all but settled.