Correct notice of fixed term and increased rent.

Hopefully, she will take into consideration what else is available around here for either 350 or 400. :(
You could point out to the PM comparable properties around the 350 mark or less.

I gave my tenant in Melbourne a notice of intention to increase the rent and she emailed back a list of properties for less rent. Of course they were all crummy, so I (nicely) let her know if she wanted to move to one of those crummy properties for $5 a week less, it was up to her. She did! :)

Of course if the PM is any good, they will know the comps in the area.
Thanks Perthguy, yeah I've just looked up what's available in this suburb and the next. The posh suburb next door starts literally behind my back fence. This house I'm in is one of the 'older' types in this suburb, built in 1976, still has original gaudy kitchen and bathroom, lol.
I've taken screenshots of everything between $325 and $420, including 4x2 (this is 3x1) and put them in files, to quickly flick through when she's here.
Everything I found was better than here, or the lower priced one was prob equal to here, and all except possibly one (on this street) were younger, some 4x2s actually brand new, for $410 and $422! From memory, all but one had great/modern bathrooms, usually two of them.
And I bet the others actually have room in the kitchen for a fridge (to access my fridge, I have to go out the kitchen door, across the hallway, in through the laundry door and twist round a corner).
I bet all the bedrooms have windows, whereas my son's room doesn't have one, it's blacked out completely with I assume black paint, and locked, cos LL storing his stuff in adjoining room.
And I bet they don't have dangerous leaks in the ceilings, lol.
But the LL is convinced he can ask $400 for it, so I dunno what's gonna happen. Maybe PM will advise him that it's only worth $xxx, but he can still ignore her and increase it to 400 like he said.
Gawd. Won't find out till I receive the proposed lease, I guess.