Cost of creating strata title NSW

Has any one got an idea of the costs and possible problems in the process of changing block of 6 units from 1 title to Strata Title.
Thanks in advance:)

How long is a piece of string :)

There are som many variables, like council state and fire regs, and local council diffs, that its hard to even start to put a finger on it

What postcode are the units in, an what is the approx age of the building pls ?>
no experience personally but i always hear people saying it can be around $100k... But i have absolutely no idea what that is based on, or exactly how much is involved.
you'll need to engage a surveyor and a Strata Certifier if you want to go private certification, and you'll also need to apply to Council as well.

Costs totally depend upon what upgrades need to be done to the building (if any), and your professional fees as above, plus lodgement fees for the land titles office.