Course for Caretaker/Letting/Sales

Good morning all.
We are in Queensland and looking to purchase management right. With the recent changes to regulations we would appreciate if you can advise the best way to take out a course.
My impression is RLA should suffice for caretaking and letting purpose. But the Agent said 'might as well' do a Sales Licence so that I can do sales latter on. I am reluctant as it is too much to take on at one time, and I am not really a sales type. The most I'd do is for our complex and cant see how I can do sales outside.
I see that in OFT the RLA and REA licence are different, and the fees are quite hefty for the small investment we have. Can I do the RLA licence now and 'upgrade' to REA later on?
Thanks in advance for your sharing.
What are you actually planning to do? Sounds like opening a PM agency? Need to go the full hog license.
What are you actually planning to do?

My plan is to do caretaking and letting only. It's a really small complex...

I should add that few years ago when I lived in a Complex, the Manager only had RLA and those days he can sell units within his Complex without doing a Sales Licence.....