Looking at buying our third IP at the moment and have found a house that seems to tick all the boxes. The house in question is about 4 or 5 hundred meters from a crematorium. Just thought I would throw it out here to see if anybody knows if there is a possibility of odours or bad health effects accociated with creamtoriums. I am sure there are plenty of regulations to avoid this but none the less would like to hear from anyone that can clarify this. Will do my own due research with council and going to the area myself at a few different times of day but none the less would still like to hear any opinions.
Not sure about any real effects.

I once had a friend whose father was the caretaker of a cemetary. He lived "on site".

Boyfriends were spooked.

It "may" have a bearing on people looking to buy a house.
Reminds me of one of the old Rodney Rude jokes, goes something like

...My grandfather got really, really badly burnt the other day. Mind you, they don't f**k around at the crematorium....
The trouble is that anybody living in your IP would not be allowed to be cremated there.

Mostly because they are living.