Dead Gum Tree in the contract for sale

Dear All,
need your sharing again....

'The tree in the backyard looks to be dead, although i was unable to get clear access due to vine cover, and therefore don't know what killed the tree and consideration should be given to removal for safety reasons'

the above is quote from the reports. (from the contract of sale pertaining to land+house property in Canberra )

We are troubled by the dead gum tree in the backyard. I don’t know why it had died. The vegetation is luscious in the backyard. Water cannot be an issue for a gum tree.

There is no indication of reason what causes it ?
and also no indication of termites in building reports.

What should I do ?

pls help or advise ...

thanks in advance.
Ming Ling
Certain types of gum trees can die because there is too much water. If there is a healthy gum tree on a property and new owners come in and change the landscaping around so that there is now a lot more water, the trees can start to die. Some die in a year and some take a decade.
Gum trees do get old an die.

If it is dead there may be grounds to get the vendor to remove it, or to deduct the removal cost from the sale price.
Dear All,

thanks for your valuable sharing. we will negotiate with vendor to remove it.
(we did not mention about it, to remove the dead tree in our first round of offer. Not sure at which juncture we should mention this point to vendor.... )

from the replies, we shall not worry about the root cause of tree at the backyard ??

Perhaps your best course in to contact the agent/lawyer and have the cost of tree removal to be inserted into your offer. It's quite normal for things to happen between the initial offer and settlement. Usually, it might be something that has arisen from a building inspection or pest report. They might come back and say they will pay 50% of the tree removal, so you may need to be specific in what you request, and be prepared for their reply.

Best of luck.
dear All,
I might not even have a chance to request vendor to remove that dead tree at the backyard....

just received an text from agent, there are 2 offers higher than ours. We are only given 1 chance to offer our best offer. We offered 2% higer than asking price w/o taking into consideration of cost to remove tree.

Now, we are not sure what to do next ? 1 last chance and that is ....10% higher than asking price ??

pls help, what is the best strategy to get this house ?

thank you very much for your kind attention.