Developing my Property in Westminster, WA

Hi All
I am looking at building at the rear of my property, looking at cheapest options, can anyone recommend any project builders?

Thanks, MTR
I just finished building with Stratawise (part of BGC) on a rear block. First time I've built so don't have any comparisons. Overall, pretty happy. Just disappointed with how long it took to get through design and planning stage. If you have any other questions re stratawise, let me know.

Thanks All.

BGC, I was considering phoning as I assumed they would be cheaper option. If you don't mind sharing can you give me an idea of the size/sqm2 of units built and approx cost per unit lockup.

I am just looking at rough figures at the moment.

I plan to keep front house as it is solid and will come up nicely with a quick reno and build 1 unit at the block, battleaxe on 728 sqm2, supposedly 3 unit site but due to the shape of the block I think the units would be too small to go this way.

I will also contact Aaron for his opinion.

Thanks all.

Cheers, MTR