Doide/Eslick course

I'm after the course manual from Eslick's/Doidge's Property Master class. I can't attend, so I'm willing to purchase from somebody the 480 page course manual. Does anyone have one and are they willing to sell it?
Why not send an email to Paul Doidge? He hangs out here sometimes, so he might be willing to sell it alone.

Hi Cool Banana!

We do have a extra copy of the workbook & we are willing to sell it for $900.00(plus postage).Each & evey thing you learn in seminar is included in this workbook. It is full of hands on information. As you must have known that seminar alone cost $1316. If you willing to pucahse it please let me know.


Can I ask about the copywrite situation here. As far as I am aware his manuscript is protected by copywrite and if so I am not convinced the forum should be used for such purposes.

I'm with Jas, speak to Geoff, he's a good bloke and I am sure would help out.

Doidge/ Eslick Manual

Thanks Kevin, for that comment re: copyright!

This is Denis in Geoff and Paul's office... The Reno Kings.

Kevin is correct, the manuals are copyright.

But it's flattering that someone will want to buy one on the Black Market ... Kinda gives Geoff a little pizzaz, don't'cha think?

You know ... Like the black hat tipped back rakishly, and the Galouis hanging langourously from the lower lip as he lounges in front of yet another block of units that he has just bought!

But much more important ... Manuals ... Geoff updates the research info for EVERY seminar. So this manual will be last years, at the newest, and will have out-of-date research ... and in today's market that's history!

At the seminars, we teach how to do the continuing research, to keep yourself up-to-date ... but that would be worth a LOT more than $900 ... and if you were actually doing something with the material, why would you sell it?

Cool Bananas ... Why not just register for Geoff and Paul's free ezine "Hot Strategies for Property Success" at [email protected] ... and get their wisdom first hand, without the worry of the Manual Police breaking down your door in the middle of the night!

Best regards,

Hey Denis,

Nice to know that Geoff's people still pop by.

Geoff used to be a big contributor here. Before he got onto national TV.

I remember when he confessed that he "did" reno seminars.

He made a very valuable contribution back in those days.

And I know he was annoyed when "Geoff W" came into the forum, when he was just "Geoff".

But, a visit back from the master, even briefly, between national TV features :D would be welcome. We've missed him!
Geoff Doidge on Somersoft

G'day Geoff the imposter!

Thanks for the kind worms about Geoff D!

It's good to know that these elder statesmen are still remembered after all this time for their contributions to society!

Seriously, I think Geoff got a bit hurt when the S*P*A*M word was mentioned ... so he went off in a huff and engaged in some retail therapy to make him feel better.

(Or would that be "Wholesale"? ... GD NEVER pays retail for property!)

Geoff is be back, sharing his wisdom ... and Paul too ... in their all-new ezine ... "Hot Strategies for Peoperty Success".

It'll be available real soon (If I get my finger out!)

Why not subscribe at [email protected]? The price is right!


The S*P*A*M word has been mentioned by a lot of people since. And used by people- a helluva lot more strongly than GD ever did.

His positive contributions far outweighed any negatives.

I learnt a LOT from him then.

A quick hello from an old stamping ground would not be out of order :D
if it wasnt for the above posts id be mentioning the fact that it was funny that spam was mentioned by someone posting the same link to their service (even if its free) twice in two posts

we got the point the first time :)

having said that ive also subsribed - im sure the newsletter will be a wealth of info

XBenX (unusually reserved)

edit : slurring my keyboard speech again