DSR Scores for suburbs - Accurate?

Being a younger advocate looking to be more tech savvy than the competition I've had quite a bit of interest in DSR however so far it's not been the indicator I had initially hoped for. The issue really lies within the time lag of information and as such I don't rely on it for purchasing decisions.

Also, I can be out every weekend seeing how many bidders are at auctions and over a few weekends understand the market more than watching and plotting the DSR scores. It is a useful indicator for areas that I cannot reach in person though.

That being said, DSR is more of a short term market swing indicator. At the moment, low interest rates are having an effect across the market broadly, so it's more interesting to see anomalies (big spikes) and then trying to work out what is the reason for a strong upswing and if there's any fundamental basis behind it. Ultimately property is a pretty slow game so it's better, in my opinion to look at other indicators like changes in employment or population growth before DSR.
I just logged on to Boomtown to have sticky at what it currently shows for some burbs I am interested in. Firstly I noticed that it is missing SOM figures, then noticed it was last updated in March. Went to Hotspotcentral website to try from there, the same. Has Boomtown become Ghostown and now abandoned?? Michael, Jeremy??
Thanks cland, looks like a really thought out and insightful article, will read!

I've skimmed the article and it has some great points to consider. My thoughts prior to it are that I'd still rather buy in an area that's growing in both population and accommodation. Doubt that will change, but I'm always happy to evolve my thinking/ investing so again thanks I'll look into this myself!!!