Electricity Provider in Sydney

Can anyone tell me why one would choose any other provider apart from Energy Australia ?

I hear people switching around from one provider to another. My understanding is that Energy Australia owns all the infrastructure and does all the readings. Is this correct ?

Just trying to understand if there is any value in looking into this.
i think it's kind of similar to how telephone systems work.
Energy Australia owns the infrastructure, but wholesales out to other providers, who might be able to offer you a better deal.

For example, AGL might offer you a discout if you have power + gas with them

Also... there is a split between Energy Australia and Integral Energy across the sydney network....
Whatever you do, don't go with Origin. They overcharged our bill by $200, then every time we called up to dispute it, the call centre told us not to pay the bill while they sorted it out.

Then we got slapped with our 1st overdue payment.... called up Origin again and was told not to pay it, someone would call us back to sort it out. Same thing happened with the 2nd overdue payment.... called them up and was told not to pay it, someone would call us back to sort it out.

Then we got a disconnection warning!!!

they have given us nothing but grief since moving into our PPOR!
Got it ...

Usage for my PPOR (4 Bedder/ 3bath/ Pool/ Hot Water with Booster) for period Dec '09 to March '10.

Peak Use : 2688
Off Peak : 247

Total Bill $600.38

Is this about right ?
Success... just to clarify.

Your Electricity bill, as a residential customer is comprised of two components - 1) The energy charge (which is a charge per kWh that you pay for the actual electricity that you use) and 2) A network access charge (which is charged on your usage and your maximum usage).

Network Access Charges:- These are regulated by IPART and are passed onto residential customers. In NSW, these distribution areas are managed by three companies: Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy. These guys manage and maintain the poles and wires. If you physically live in the Country Energy area, then CE will be the guys that are maintaining your poles and wires.

Energy Charges:- You are able to, as a residential customer in NSW, to switch retailers. Retailers provide you with a bill every 3 months that is comprised of their Energy Charges + the Network Charges (which are passed onto your retailer by the relevant distribution company).

Switching retailers allows you, as a consumer, to find a retailer that has a cheaper overall total bill, given your usage patterns.

I hope that this helps
You can get cheaper rates if you opt to sign a contract with your provider. I'm currently with Integral and Energy Australia came to the door promising a 5% discount if I signed a contract. On speaking to Integral they said they offer 7% discount if I take on a 2 year contract.
OK - just signed up with Integral and got the 7% for 2yrs ! :)

Thanks a heap ...

Must be a bit of a push by Integral at the moment, weve had the door to door
reps coming round encouraging everyone to switch with the 7% discount offer.

I think of the 20 people in our street, at least 15 have switched.