Ellengrove QLD

Hi Guys,

I am new to the forum, and looking to buy an ip in Ellengrove. I noticed the houses there are quite cheap, it would be cashflow positive to buy in, and it is only a short distance to ForestLake, maybe potential for increase in the future?

Did anyone invest there and appreciate your thoughts on this.

Lots of land out there, id be looking closer in as brisbane is fairly sluggish ATM,

If I was to buy out that way I would be looking closer into red bank plains plaza and looking for a dev site, or in near browns plains shopping district ie, high crest or bennet streets
I disagree, lots of well built properties on large blocks close to positively geared I should think. Ex housing commission. Also look at Gailes but only East of Newman Rd to avoid flood plain
Thanks for your comments. Redbank plains is developed already and can see a lot of new houses. The reason I picked ellengrove is there are still a lot of lands there but not much developments, now they have new townhouses closed to forest lake, and the plan is to develop Ellengrove n Carole park to more developed residential areas, so it may be some potential for price increase in the future?