Experience with PreFabs

Hi there,

Two questions from a newbie here. Looking at the option of building a prefab on a block of land in the Central Coast. I've checked out the following website www.parkwoodhomes.com.au and found some nice designs on there. I'd love to hear other peoples experiences with prefab, particularly if you've had dealings with Parkwood. I've only read one short review about them on the internet and it was pretty average. So I'd love to know your experiences.

The block we're interested in recently had a house on it which was demolished so hopefully services should be all there, although I think it may be a 1:100 year flood area. Foundations may need to be removed? Flat block, no overhead powerlines in suburban area

Secondly, their list of inclusions is listed here: http://www.parkwoodhomes.com.au/construction.html I'm trying to figure out what kind of costs are going to be involved before deciding whether this is a feasible option. I've roughly worked out some potential other costs:
- Conveyance fee & title search $250
- Building & pest $500
- Temporary WC
- Site Plumbing $6000
- Site Electrical $1500
- Crane hire $3000
- Engineer's report ?
- Site survey ?
- Council fees & inpection $4000
- Home warrenty insurance $1260
- Other: Onsite waste container, Temporary WC.

My calculations are: $200k for block + house $140 + extras (above) $22k?

Do these look like realistic figures to you. Is there anything I've under budgetted for or missed? I really don't want to be stung with any other substational costs if we proceed.

Finally, financing - I know this can be an issue. Parkwood require a number of payment stages. Anyone have any experiences with financing something like this.

Sorry - loads of questions. Any advice will be much appreciated.
financing prefabs can be diff .

I do recall there are some specialist lenders in the field, I suspect the builders would be able to advise.

Most lenders wont lend on "portables"

pre fabscan be used as security IF they are permanently secured . Much of the NW of WA is like this

Are we talking Wyong or Gosford council.

Might be best to check with council first, I know Wyong does not
look to favorable to manufactured homes going in alongside established homes
unless it fits in with the surrounding area designs, and I believe if it has
a chassis it is deemed transportable and is a no no.
Yeah Wyong Council. I'd spoken with them briefly to see if they were open to the idea and they said as long as it fit within Chapter 100 of the DCP Quality Housing. Had you tried to do the same?