Factory built homes

Afternoon all.
I've tried to find info on this forum relating to the following but with no success.
In the future I want to put a factory built home(I'm in Qld) on my block. After initial enquiries I've run into this problem.
The bank won't hand over money until house is on block and connected to all services. The factory builder wants to be paid before the building is connected to services.
I don't have equity in existing properties to cover the shortfall.
Has anyone got around this problem or do you know someone who has and how was it achieved.
I think if you get a builder who will give you a contract to do the install, you may have success. I would ask the pre-fab company they may know. If they don't know ask some others. Its a common problem the bank just wants to make sure the work gets done. With a contract legally it should. I know you want owner builder finance but there are not many options. A mortgage broker can do the leg work for you. They will need your details, details of the land and particulars of the pre-fab company.