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From: Pamela Dare

I heard that there is a new free email investment property newsletter. Does anyone know how to obtain a copy?
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From: Michael Yardney

I don't know if I am being swollen headed, but you could be talking about the regular Investment Property Update newsletter that I have recently sent to about 250 of our clients and other interested parties.
While it was initially intended for clients, I would be happy to send copies to anyone else on the forum if they send me an email to [email protected] with their contact name & address and put subscribe in the subject.
It's FREE, no obligation, nothing to sell and we don't pass your names on to anyone else. It's a service we provide for our clients.
OR You could be talking about Steve McKnight's newsletter - stevemcknight@bigpond. com, but I think he has changed his now to a subscription service
Have a great week....make it a great week!
Michael Yardney Metropole Properties
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