Freestyler Events Renovation Webinar

Hi everyone

A quick reminder about the Renovation Webinar tonight with Mark Mandall. This event will be held for 1 hour, similar to the Rick Otton Wrap Webinar, without the advertising though.

Mark is an experienced Renovation and redevelopment expert. He has redeveloped in excess of 20 parcels of land and nearly 50 homes in the last 3 years.

Join the Webinar and ask Mark all those questions you've got about both successful cosmetic and full scale renovations through to complete redevelopments. Learn the tricks to use when renovating and redeveloping plus the essential professionals who should be in your team of advisors, including the bank manager.

Come in to the Freestyler forum or enter via the forum button on the Freestyler website

Due to forgetting about the start of daylight saving listed below are the times for which the event will be held in each state.

The event will be starting at 8pm Eastern Daylight Saving time (NSW, VIC and TAS) which is 7pm QLD time, 7:30pm for SA, 6:30 for NT and 5pm for WA.

Please start login into the Renovation Chatroom approximately 20-30 mins prior to the event.