It's a perennial debate, as we all know. But I think that gold is the least understood.

It would be less time than that needed to go to an auction to listen to the latest interview and the archives of Jim Sinclair on:

Sinclair is like Keen in as much as the non-believers have a ball dumping on him but in the latest interview he says what I have said so often in the past: "It is your responsibility to your family to survive whatever fate throws at you". I know I would not even bother proffering the lame excuse: "But everyone on the ..."chat sites"... said I was doing the right thing!" to Mrs Fish should we be busted. She thinks I'm smarter than that! LOL.

This is "theoretical" but before you dismiss him, give him due respect and discover his background.
Sinclair is very eccentric. He has a lot of knowledge on the Gold market and how it works, his views come with a 40 year background in the Gold/Silver market. My problem with him is his short term calls, e.g. his constant ranting about the implosion of the dollar which was all over his site for the last 6 months of 2009, he made a big deal of a countdown which was to a specific date...nothing happened. Another call he made last year was US$1650 Gold by January 2011, I believe he still quotes the $1650 figure but has dropped the time frame. I am of the opinion Gold could be at that level within that time frame, but Sinclair constantly quotes this figure without giving any background as to how he arrives to it. I do still enjoy listening to his interviews and reading his site (jsmineset, more so for the articles/graphs information linked on it than his personal brief comments). What I found most interesting in his recent interview was mention that the US Dollar had been rejected by European nations for a 24 hour period in the late 1970s. Imagine the sort of chaos that would ensue if something like that happened today...

I like KWN and listen to most of their Gold related broadcasts. Eric King does ask some leading questions, he tends to put words in the mouths of his guests (often stating the opposite in the interview, e.g. "I don't want to put words in your mouth guests name, but would you say that blah blah blah?"), but they are still a great listen.