Granny Flat backyard

Hi all,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on backyard size.

I have just finished marking out the backyard for a granny flat and and after putting up a fence it will only leave 5mtr to the back of the house and 10mtr wide. Do you think this is to small to function as a backyard?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Is this you ppor or an ip. I wouldnt like it for my ppor but for an ip it is ok. In most new estates now your lucky to have 5m to your back fence anyway!
My PPOR backyard is 10m wide and about 6m deep (plus a 35m2 patio and a bit on the side). Ours is fine, but I think it would be a bit small without the extra patio. If it was done as a nice courtyard it might be ok.