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From: Rachel Freedman

Hi guys
Just thought I'd spread a bit of Easter cheer :)
I have a new tenant in one of my props here in ACT and they rang the agent to check if it was OK that they installed security doors (free of charge and to stay with prop) as he works for a security company and gets them cheap...and wants to paint the place and may sand floorboards!! Since this is an original condition ex-guvvie I am very happy!! I of course offered to pay for paint etc but he is happy to do so..and he wants to stay for a long time..

I think I did well with this guy - I better not put the rent up too much in 12 months when it is looking really good!

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From: Littlemaze :p

Hi Rachel,

Missed you the other night at Freestylers.

Good to hear that you've got a great tenant. However, make sure that you or your managing agent gets a set of keys for the new security doors.

I had the same situation with an alarm system, tenant worked for alarm company and installed one. When I bought the property, the owner didn't even know of the existence of the alarm and no-one knew how to operate it. It took me over 6 months to track down an instruction manual!

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From: GoMichael !

We've had a few tenants like that too. Tenants are real people, and they want to live in a _home_, regardless of who actually holds the building's title. Apart from the business value of having a happy long-term tenant, it gives me a buzz to see them happily setting up their nest.
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From: Joanna K

Hi Rachel,

I don't want to place a cloud over your good fortunes here, but please please please send the tenant a letter saying they can do the things they want to do on the following conditions:

they do it at their cost
they do it in a tradesmans like manner
any "make good" will be done in a tradesman like manner
they will leave the items at the property when they vacate
they will not seek compensation from the landlord at any time for the work they do

Have the tenant sign a copy of this letter as an acknowledgement of those conditions.

If things turn nasty later on you will need this document with their signature on it. Legislation (in NSW anyway) clearly states that the landlord must reimburse the tenant for anything they have added to the property if the landlord does not allow the tenant to remove those additions upon vacating.

Kind regards

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From: Sim' Hampel

Does this mean that I can fit a dishwasher and have my landlord pay me for it ? ;-)

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From: Asy .

No, Sim,

It means that you can fit a dishwasher, in a workman like manner, and your landlord can make you remove it and rectify the area to it's former glory.

Good try, though!


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