Hardwood fence-weathering

Put in a new hardwood fence. Mixed colours but I fully expect it will weather to grey in no time.

Neighbour is feeble minded. She had a shout at me because she has never heard of such a thing and why didn't I put in a nice grey fence.

Given hers is North facing I suggested it would be grey by next summer.

She is also worried about splinters. Given this replaced rusty corrugated iron held together with wire and stones leant against it I think she is being precious.

What do you folks think?
Yes I did.

This was a result of the recent storms we had in newcastle which blew the fence down completely.

I was overseas and my gf spoke to her.

She only wanted a cheap colourbond fence and agreed to pay half of that but if I wanted timber I'd pay the difference. so I got a quote for both.

Now she is saying she hasn't called her insurance because she hurt her ankle. This has been a month nearly.

My insurance excess is $1400. Given my half of the fence is not much more than that I won't be claiming. I suggested to her it might be the same for her but she feels that she has never claimed before so they will be kinder. I also didn't proceed because the existing fence was sheets of scrap iron wired together. If an assessor saw that there is no chance of them paying for a replacement. It would have been valued at nothing.

This is the daughter. She is a screamer and makes her 80 yo fathers life a misery when she visits. He has a bit of dementia but is quite independent. I help him out now and then. The fence builders did a few small jobs for him and refused payment. He chatted to them daily and is very happy with the whole situation.

I've called the police a few times when she has screamed at him for over an hour. She was abusing him last time because if it wasn't for him she'd be lecturing in European universities. This is a woman who has never worked, is missing half her teeth and can't even think a situation through without getting cross. She tells me she is famous for home design but doesn't understand a hardwood fence goes grey in the sun - even told me she wrote articles for magazines about timber fences, which is how she knows it won't go grey.....

I don't even care if she pays her half to me or not. I just want to tell her the fence will go grey and doesn't need to be painted.
Well, it seems you have sorted out your own "problem" ?

Do you really want to tell her the fence will go grey or tell her to #@!* off ?
1. I think she is a crazy and best to ignore/avoid her.

2. It can be painted with coloured wood stain.

3. Buy her a brush and some stain and say; "Have fun".

Or; tell her again that the fence will fade to grey, and then refer to point no.1

I thought you were swanning around the world on a yacht?

Go back to that, I reckon....no neighbors - only pirates; but you can buy big-assed guns to deal with those neighbors. :D
Just got back from a dive teaching gig on an island in the Philippines.

Hating this cold weather. Planning my next trip now.
If she is not the owner, not sure why it would be discussed with her, and if he is really ill, then your not going to be able to force him , sounds like it is your fence and you have what you wanted too me.

I would just ignore anyone carrying on like a crack head, do you really expect them to become sensible now you have what you wanted.