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From: Shane .

I was speaking with a real estate agent last weekend, and he was trying to do the sell on a house that I knew was in a housing commission area. When I questioned him about it he said that as the leases expired in the housing commission houses, they were being sold off, thus eventually converting the area from housing commission to a 'normal residency' area.

Two questions:

1. Where would one check on this?


2. If that is the case, any general thoughts and feelings on purchasing an IP in these areas?

As a newbie, my apologies to 'the vets' if this has been posted before :?

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From: Rolf Latham


Check the contract will show vendor. Most housing commish places in Sydney are doing well when sold to owner occupier investor.

Use of a good data service will alos tell you how many other dwellings in the street/area are privately owned.

If you are looking for free NSW data -contact me


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From: William Blake

Housing commission areas have a few problems - the biggest is that perception is reality. Even if the area is changing more than likely this will be slowly and secondly people will still see the area as a housing commission area - bottom line is you will not get the kind of capital growth you would in better areas.

I have been involved with properties in Broadmeadows - vic. which is changing - the return in regarding to rental income is good but capital growth has been slow

good luck
william blake
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