How is your super going?

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From: Rolf Latham

Hows My super going, you mean the SGC stuff while I was still an employee ?

Its going - downhill - real quick.


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From: Manny B

Well mine did as follows:

June 2001 quarter = 5%
Sept 2001 quarter = -7.4%
Dec 2001 quarter = 6.9%
March 2001 quarter = 0.1%

unfortunately I don't have any newer data as yet, fund manager is UniSuper...

As most is preserved, if there is any money left when I reach retirement age then I see it as a bonus... I will be relying on my IPs for my retirement (although the Super should hopefully provide some extra pocket money)...


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From: John P

Could'nt have said it better myself manny!!!

John Poulos
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