How low can the blues go?

I've watched 30 years of state of origin and the one consistent I've seen is that players who think they "are in the game" don't take themselves out of the defensive line and start a blue or give away cheap penalties.

It is absurd to think you can "crush" another team with illegal play.

Wally named the cockroaches well. LOL
OMG The girl I job share with is a Qld diehard........ (me couldn't give a #%$# one way or another)............ she may never be sober agian!!! :)
QLD played origin football....

NSW played club football....

....the result is commensurate with each team's commitment. I'm glad as a QLD supporter but disappointed that there was no real contest.

5 Series straight! Welcome to the Mal Dynasty!!! :D
Absolutely ridiculous that Gallen wasn't sent off.
The guy is a low life thug.
He didn't need to be sent off. That sort of foul play is tantamount to running up the white flag. Winning teams put their heads down and play hard, legal football. Even losing teams with pride do so.

There have been many wonderful close SOOs that I believe to have been the best sporting contests I've ever watched.

Gotta admit I ENJOYED tonight's nonetheless. :D
No, I think it was worse. Many club teams could have put on a better show.

NSW will chop and change once again, the selectors will all keep their jobs once again, and QLD will win once again.....I need to move north.

Agreed. And I think you've nailed the reason.

There's no cohesion in that NSW "team". There's no faith shown by the selectors. There's no clear plan for wresting dominance back. There's no core group of youngsters they're forging together over a series or two of tough times to emerge out the other side with an Origin-tough team. There's no accountability amongst the NSWRL Board. There's no willingness to try things amongst the playing group, because if you do and you stuff up, you're out next match. There's no Phil Gould. There's no one putting their hand up to say "I'll lead NSW out of this" from a coaching or playing perspective. There's no pride in the sky blue jersey compared to the maroon.

...and I love it! I just hope Carr, McCarthy and the rest run with the same strategy next year and the year after and the year after that...
Absolutely ridiculous that Gallen wasn't sent off.
The guy is a low life thug.
Gallen is a serial grub, but I thought O'Donnell was very lucky to remain on the field.

These type of players seem to get what's coming to them.

I love Origin but the double standards between Origin and weekend games are a bit mystifying.

Hi, (or should that be Lo)

Being a wobegone Blue it really irritates me that

a) The selectors change the players picked but not themselves.
b) The selectors pick 17 players but they don't pick a TEAM
c) We have a coach who was picked on a reputation created by having the equivalent of 2 extra players on the paddock every week.

I hope this is the watershed and the selectors and the coach all quit in embarassment.
I don't like getting beaten all the time, I accept that only one team can win, but I would really like to a see a team run out onto the battlefield.

Of the first 16 points last night at 16-0, 10 points were a result of picking centres to play on the wing and the other 6 came from a forward pass.

We were never going to win last night but I would love to go back to the old days of watching an exciting, competitive game :(
Of the first 16 points last night at 16-0, 10 points were a result of picking centres to play on the wing and the other 6 came from a forward pass.
What about the try (for Qld) that was pulled back for a forward pass (from Lockyer) that looked perfectly legit.

Every game could be analyzed on this and that, but the fact remains that the better side won the game and the series.

No matter what was going to happen in the end,QLD just had so much class and power,NSW looked to be playing a game out the back of a country Pub first they try the biff head-butts,then it all came back to ball skills,which they don't have,We were there and it was one of the best games of football i have ever seen..willair..
NSW just cannot compete with the creative spine of the QLD team. Smith, Thurston, Lockyer and Slater. These guys just unleash the awesome QLD backs and all they need is the forwards to hold their own and they cant lose.

I love the blues but i have to give credit. QLD are an awesome team.

Queensland are going through a golden period and its dark days indeed for NSW league. Where to now is anyone's guess. Sack the selectors, bring in youth in the team and just give it time. We have a lot of fantastic young talent, Coote, Jennings etc.

PS: Greg Inglis was fired up like i have never seen (he was absolutely lethal),
He's not bad for a NSW player :rolleyes:

Same as Thaiday and Falou. They had a bit of a point to prove ;). Thank Joey Johns for that.
Gallen is a serial grub, but I thought O'Donnell was very lucky to remain on the field.

Actually KF, I meant O'Donnell, the guy who lifted the legs in the spear tackle. I got them mixed up.

There was no way he should have stayed on. It was obvious he did because it would have been even more of a slaughter with nsw down a man.

You have to wonder sometimes in NRL whether the selection criteria is for the largest dumbest most aggressive. Skill doesn't seem to count with some of these players. How many times did nsw drop the ball.

Thaiday was really impressive. He was everywhere. He doesn't look that fit, but his work rate was stellar.
Thurston's kicking was brilliant.
Qld had so many opportunities to score higher, if they'd spun it out their back line.
Sadly O'Donnell is a serial offender and a Cowboy, so we won't have him for a while for club games. Keep it up and he will find himself like Willy Mason: A nomad.

But Thurston just had a training run. He's as good as new.:) I think it is great that they did not rely on any particular player.

For a while NSW tired of hearing about "Qld spirit" and set out to prove they had it too and it nearly worked but the selectors killed that off by not showing enough faith. They really must select players in their right positions and show faith in them if they play with the G & D needed at this level. The selectors (usually) have a wealth of riches and like a kid in a candy shop cant keep their eyes focused.

Thaiday is just about my favourite forward to watch this year, I have read that he has a new lady love and he has given up the ciggies.

First forward picked for any Australian game surely.
I am a lifelong Eels supporter and get on the Blues for Origin.

I think the NRL is in deep deep $hite. The passion for the game in NSW has been diluted over a number of years (regardless of marketing / Gallop hype). The massive population immigration and emergence of "safer" sports codes has & is seriously threatening the domination of league. NSW cannot sustain the number of league clubs on its books.....weekend gameday attendances are embarrassing (almost as bad as the 21,000 that go to Port Power Homegames).......I mean the NRL are ecstatic if they get 17,000 to a local game.....WTF???

The dilution goes a step further.......home grown product is nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be (over 15yrs ago). The only thing saving NSW NRL at the moment is the influx of Tongan, Maori, Indigenous & Queensland players. Take these guys out of current NSW teams and the clubs wouldn't be around for much longer.

In Qld. the opposite is true......the strength of the Broncos, Titans & Cowboys is underpinned by these halcyon years of success......Joe public (especially the kids - next generation) wants to follow winners.

I think Gallop & Co. really need to look in their own backyard and develop it big time in the suburbs and rural areas, or I'm afraid Qld. will be playing all by themselves in a few years time!!

Look at the big picture Gallop.........just as the AFL have, or you will fall by the wayside real quick!!