How many been caught?

With this FHOG about to end or so it seems has there been many people caught who applied for this grant, got it but were not eligble for it?
I suppose there would be the odd one and do they have to pay it back?
some would even loose their new home over it if they were cash strapped.
Has everyone who applied for it been honest:eek:

sorry just mid arvo ramblings:)

I quess there is always someone[many ] who think they wont get caught.
Pleased to see that a checking system is in place and is working. I am sure it will take a few years to catch them all with so many applying for the grant.
Thanks for the link Prop
Ive been asked to arrange finance for people/couples who want to dodge the system. As soon as they say that I advise them if thats what there going to do then look elsewhere.