How to find out a unit number of a noisy tenant?

I've been kept awake for two nights in a row by rowdy neighbours who like to drink and swear to excess on their balcony til sunrise. I'd like to put in a complaint as these guys were doing the same last year and I fear it will be a long summer if nothing is done about it.

The unit is in the complex next door and their balcony looks over our balcony. We have the same strata manager and I contacted them to make the complaint. She advised that as I cannot provide the unit number, she cannot contact the tenants directly. Even though I have provided the floor number and location of the unit she won't assist. I went back to ask for a copy of the floor plan so I can identify the unit on that, or speak to a member of the executive committee to find the unit number. She knocked both those ideas on the head.

So where to now? Do I just have to suck it up and deal with a cranky baby every warm weekend who didn't get any sleep overnight or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
a few years ago, i had the experience of livnig in a unit while i was renovating my PPOR. the ppor was unlivable at the time so i had to rent a unit.

anyway, someone in the complex had a little dog which barked all night and it had one of those annoying high pitched barks.

I went for a few midnight walks to try and find the culprit but was unable to pinpoint it down to an exact unit. So i ended up writing a note and dropping it into all the mailboxes of close by units.

On the note i said something along the lines of:

"someone is keeping a dog in this complex where aniamls are not allowed and this dog is endlessly barking throughout the night. if this dog belongs to you, can you please remove it by the end of this week. if the barking persists, i will report it to the body corporate"

It worked as the dog was kept quiet after that or moved out.

You could try something like that....

Here in WA I would go through DOLA (department of land administration). A bit of Googling should uncover the equivilent in your state.
I rented a unit close to the beach in Bronte for about 7 years.

Each Christmas the people in units next door would let their units over Christmas right through to end of January or later (for holiday rental). Lots of parties on the large balcony next door.

I ended up moving rooms to the room furthest away from their balcony. Earplugs (the silicone ones) are good. You can call the police if the noise is too loud (particularly after 11.00pm) although I never did this.

Payback (in the form of playing Sex Pistols-particularly Anarchy in the UK really loud at 8.00am the next morning when they are sleeping it off) could work. Then again it could create a noise competition.

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Next time call the police. They will soon sort it out.

Do this ^ After 11pm iirc, cops have the power to tell people to keep the music/singing/etc down. As for screaming & swearing etc, you can call the cops any time to get that stopped.

And you can just visit that floor during the day or whenever you want to, and just read the unit unit from the door, so you can report it to the body corporate aswell.
ha ha, love your response Ajax. Am wondering whether a recording of our baby screaming would do the job.

Yep, called the police twice the other night. If nothing more I guess I have it on record that I called them, even though I'm sure they didn't show - they confirmed they had my message but more urgent calls were keeping them busy. Pity I don't know anyone who lives in that building or I'd get them to buzz me up to that floor to check out the unit number.

Hmm, just had a lightbulb moment. Rather than walk outside next time in my dressing gown I should just walk out there in my satin nightie. Having packed on the pounds with having the baby I'm sure a bunch of young blokes would be freaked out by an overweight older woman showing way too much skin. However the cops could call on me for indecent exposure!