insurance for not approved granny flat


I'm looking at a property with House and not approved granny flat in the backyard

Any advice re which company will insure a House with unapproved granny flat. The GF is in an approved garage with approved bathroom, the kitchen is not approved.

I highly doubt something that's not approved will be insurable. Or if it is they'll use that as an excuse to not pay any claims.

What would it take to get it approved?
Title Insurance

Ask your solicitor for 'title insurance' when sorting out settlement or contact one of the insurers and request this.....

It covers you for unapproved g/flats etc but you have to make sure you read everything closely and ensure you are clear....

Thanks for all the feedback

Unfortunately I think the GF is too close to the boundary for approval. The building is approved, but not as a GF.

Will contact GIO

Thanks for the tip on title insurance, I read the fine print, it seems you are only covered for non-approved work you were not aware of prior to settlement.

It seems insurance companies that insure non-approved GF are rare

Title Insurance


Well that seems fine - what's the issue?

If you purchased the property 'as is' you could say you were unaware it was not approved as it was not outlined in the contract and not brought to your attention by the vendor.

Does this seem reasonable or more dd required?

What do others think with the acceptability of 'title insurance'.
Thanks Richie

The vendor has told me the GF is not approved and that it will be mentioned in the contract