IP in Brisbane - thoughts?

I am currently doing some research into the purchase of a second IP and am interested to get some thoughts / ideas. My first is an apartment just south of the Brisbane CBD. I live in Sydney, but am again looking in the Brisbane area.

The questions Im tossing up are;

- To look for another apartment? or house? For a house I am thinking areas around Runcorn, Sunnybank etc. Apartment, maybe north side <10km from CBD
- If I go with the apartment option, I was thinking of buying off the plan?

I'm relatively inexperienced with this all, so any advice / thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
IMO most apartments don't make financial sense in Brisbane. If you were to put aside the inner city oversupply for just a minute, the price disparity isn't as big as it is in other cities. In Sydney a house is two or three times the cost of an apartment. In Brisbane you're looking at like a 20% difference. I'd always go for the one with the land when there's such a small divide.

As for OTP, they are generally not recommended and only suit very specific investors. Use the forum search function to learn more about the pros and cons of OTP, there's no shortage of great info.

Finally Sunnybank or Runcorn - what's your budget? Are you going for CG or yield? These are two very different areas even though they are close by. I have properties in both - Sunnybank is my low yield high CG play, Runcorn is high yield and intended to keep me afloat till Sunnybank pays off.
Thanks for the info on apartments and OTP, I'll have a search.

For a house, budget would be around $400k. I am going for CG at this point.
For 400k I'd be looking in Slacks Creek or Algester. If you keep your eye on Runcorn you may be able to get sub-400 there too but they are rare these days.