Japan Real Estate a Buy

To be honest I really don't know crap about this sector except I work in HK and do a lot of work trading Japanese equities for my job and I know a lot of the small real estate stocks have been hammered because of credit problems.

Got an interesting email from a sales trader today thought I"d share with everyone looks like lots of real estate is for sale in Japan (albeit large projects a couple of million USD) check out this website http://www.suncity-web.co.jp/english/property/trade/index.html

From the little I know from my day job a lot of operators are being forced to sell (lots of bankrupcies in Japan recently with small RE developers and managers) due to credit problems bank calling in loans.

If anyone is cashed up or can get reasonable credit and is willing to invest a lot it might be an interesting buy.


sorry forgot to mention its actually a listed company forced to sell their real estate due to credit problems. read the website its quite hilarious

We are puking our inventories!
Call Now!

We are forced by our lenders to sell them as soon as possible. We will consider ANY and ALL offers. Please note that the Expected Annual Returns given here are based on our realistic assumptions as a property developer familiar with the respective region and are by no means guaranteed.

If you are at all interested in how we are struggling to reduce our inventories, call our English speaking Member of the Board, Taddy Nakai, at +81-3-6386-3412 during Asia market hours or his DoCoMo +81-90-8763-8707 during US & European market hours. If you are a Bloomberg user, his ID is TNAKAI1 and he is usually logged in.

We have more to unload and the list will be expanded over the weekend.