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I'm sure there will be a few members who will be shocked, but despite my 'tough love' personality, this year I'm coaching a Netball team. Specifically an U13C team. Kona, my daughter, is in 11A ( all A grade teams are coached by A grade or Premier League players), so I don't have any connection to any player or parent on the team. Totally voluntary.

We (Ok, the girls) are doing surprisingly well, winning 8/8 in normal round games, with 7 games to go then finals. (6 teams in our grade, play all teams 3x before finals). We lost every single game in our round robin grading - such we are in C grade.

I'm really enjoying seeing the skills of the girls improve, and their sponge like desire to learn more and more at training. It's also been good for me as well. Whilst I'm scouring YouTube each week for drills, reading lots of print regarding drills and strategy, and watching as much professional Netball as I can (who wouldn't like this :D ) - nothing brings more joy than seeing these girls string together a set play that pulls off, or their smiles and winning chants after each game. It's going to kill them to lose a game, but I'm prepared for it.

I'm not a 'team sport' kinda guy, having selfishly been an individual sport person myself for the last 17 years - but this has taught me to get out of my comfort zone a little, and give back a little time for others as well. Personally, I feel I have taken on another 9 daughters - challenging, but loads of fun too!

Anyone else coaching/coached a junior kids team, or have an experience themselves from when they were coached?

Doing a great job PB :)

I coached my sons under19 basketball team for several seasons. Absolutely loved it.

Spent many years on frosty ovals watching him play soccer on Saturday mornings.

Was quite a transition when he got too old and I had to find my own things to do :) Kids sport is the best.

Just adding a quick story cos its one of my favourites. When son was about 5 he was playing cricket (I may have pushed him into it)... He's batting and bowler is running in. Son puts his hand up and says 'stop stop, I just have to run and give my mum a kiss' and he ran off the ground.
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Sounds awesome! Keen to hear more. I have a 3 year old who most likely be a busy bee.

How do you find the super competitive mums out there!? Are you up to speed with the goss and lingo
My memories of being coached as a kid....

That many of the parents took the game far more seriously than most the children did - that's what I remember.

One story that sticks out concerns the U/14 cricket. The team I was in had been the best team all year - undefeated with victories against everyone - then with a round to go, the 2nd placed team achieved an outright victory (a two-innings victory as opposed to one on first-innings only) against a team from the same club. Okay, that's fine, except the team that lost was bowled out for like about 20 or something in one of the innings - and the star bowler was their wicketkeeper - who suddenly decided to take the gloves off and roll the arm over.... and then takes like 5 for 1. So far, so suss imo.

So the next week (the final round robin) - we're due to play this team which is still 2nd on the ladder but now a bit closer to us on points.

Whoever wins the game wins the comp.

Week 1, they win the toss and bat. I can't recall what they scored. Maybe 170 or so.

That's ok, our team is full of good bats (and a hack like me)....

But then it pisses down all week, and I mean biblical.....

So there is a meeting of the district cricket association committee during the week and the subject of the U/14 final comes up and in particular what it if is a washout.

And I was very reliably informed that the manager/coach of the rival u/14 side (the father of the wicketkeeper who took a pack of wickets, conveniently) squealed like a girl (no offence women) and said "But if it is rained out, you're going to win!" to the manager / coach of my team.

Fast forward to Saturday... ok, so it isn't raining, but the pitch is a slimy skidding mess and the outfield was slower than a tortoise with no legs.

And guess what?

If it had been any other week in the comp, the game would have been called off... but, surprise surprise, we're made to play mostly because our team manager wasn't a ***** and realised it was just a game.

(Said manager, 25 yrs later is still a friend)....

And we get bowled out for 130 or so.

So we lose the comp.

TL;DR - Parents and kids sport.... ugh

(but who else can do it without being labelled a sicko?)
My Netty girls notched up wins last week and this week against #3 and #2 sides in the comp to go 10/10. Both games even had me pacing and calling (constructive) instructions from the side.

We nailed some really great moves that I picked up off watching a professional game on TV last week. I modified one a bit to suit my girls skills, but when they pulled this move in particular off, whole team high 5. Was awesome.

Couple of weeks off now and back into it next term. Can't wait.