Lenders bid for your mortgage


I believe its a topic for ACA tonight...Im going to miss it, so I googled up this crowd. I wonder if any of you have any knowledge/experience with this idea? Sounds good to me!

jerky :)

Funny how they rate the broker with 1 star in the example.

I note there is a $9.95 fee for the auctions with ziggy. refunded after loan settles so i guess if you don't proceed you are out of pocket. Makes me wonder if they are paid a fee for referals to lenders even though they state they are not brokers.
They must get an income from running the site as I don't believe they do it for free as a "community Service".
I just love transparency.
Its just web based mortgage brokering. Not offering anything different, apart from - no face to face contact, no loan structure, nothing on setting up for investment portfolio, no help with property purchase, no meeting with your accountant/financial planner, no debt consolidation help/strategy etc, etc all those things us criminal brokers do for clients.