LVR Q - overestimating property val during equity loan app.

Quick question to clarify my assumption (or correct it).

My LVR is almost 90% at present based on the recently agreed PPOR value between my lender and I (which I estimated during a successful equity loan app).

I believe my PPOR is worth more than the recently agreed value.

Now, if I apply for an equity loan (top up) in branch, again, I have to estimate the value of my place. It my lenders' system agrees close enough to my estimation, it will go through, no worries. If not?and here's the thing?I'll be forced to have a curbside val (or walkthrough) done, at my cost, instead.

If this valuation comes in lower than the currently agreed amount, the bank will replace my previous estimation with their new valuation on their system. That'll easily throw my LVR into the early 90%s.

As a result, I'd be up for LMI, even if I didn't wish to proceed with the loan top up, right?

Major lenders will just BIN the val during normal economic times

During very much harder times, and perhaps with a LOC style product you may end up with yuk.