Manly West

Guys, dont know if I've searched hard enough on the site, but I haven't seen much written about Manly West as a growth suburb and therefore good to invest into. Can anyone anyone familiar with the suburb give me their opinion?
Mr Bojangles,

I like Manly and i would go so far to say that Manly itself is far better compared to the Eastern suburbs.

My grandparents used to live in Manly, my auntie lived there and i still have cousins and some distant rellies up in the lower northern areas. Manly itself is the bee knees. A great place to live, and thanks to the ferries, an easy and enjoyable commute to the city.

Manly West though could be good. Dependng on where you are. If it were me, i'd get as close to Manly as i could and i would aim for easy bus, or even easy bike trip to the ferry terminal. Parking near the terminal is very difficult, if not near impossible, so if you can get on a direct bus route to the terminal, then you may be on a good thing.

Check the age of the buildings though. Check the wood and window seals.


Being a New South Welshman, and considering Mr Bojangles is from Campbelltown, then i naturally thought he was talking about the Fairlight, Manly Vale area (which is West of Manly).

Maybe he is talking about Qld. We need more information.

Mr Bojangles - come back again.

Reminds me of a friend of mine excitedly emailing me a link to a low priced house in Lillli Pilli for mid $300,000's.

Was Lilli Pilli near Bateman's Bay NSW not Lilli Pilli in Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

Same confusion can happen with Green Point NSW-there are two suburbs.

I also thought the post was about Manly NSW. I also think parts of Manly in Sydney rivals parts of the Eastern suburbs.
Like what?

Sure, I've driven through it, know people who own houses there etc. I reckon no better and no worse than lots of other suburbs. I can't give any good reasons to invest there, but at the same time I can't give any good reasons NOT to invest there.