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Hi Everyone, I'm interested to hear anyone's feedback on these investment clubs that seem to be in abundance these days. I recently attended a Peter Spann seminar in Melbourne which I found to be quite useful although I opted not to attend the remaining seminars priced over $3000, instead I enrolled in the Agents Rep course at Melbourne RMIT and learnt a great deal for a lot less..
I have sourced a couple of sites that advertise in Australian Property Investor Magazine and am wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them,

I also had Greenwich financial solutions visit my home which as far as I could tell are nothing more than a two tier marketing company, the agent was quite polite and not pushy at all, but I asked a lot of questions and with no follow up from them I guess I didn't fit their selection criteria(ignorant of the facts) It seems difficult to sort the good from the bad with so much choice around so it would good if people could voice their opinions and hopefully we can help each other and thus protect anyone from unscrupulous
traders. All comments welcomed
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