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From: Ian Davies


I am new to property investment and I am looking to set up my professional structure. Does anyone have any professionals they know of in any of the following areas that are experienced in property investment:
- Property Accountants
- Lawyers good at property Law
- Insurance Brokers
Preferably based in Melbourne would be good.

Thanks a Mill.
Looking forward to further discussions.

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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Ian

Many of my Melbourne based clients find Dale Gatherum Goss who is a regular here as not just professionally very competent but also an IP savvy accountant that has a sense of Humour :eek:)


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From: Kristine .


Everybody will have their favourite professional

For lawyers, contact Law Institute of Victoria at for specialists in property law. Although 'anyone' can do conveyancing (I have great faith in the conveyancing company I use), but a specialist is accredited to know a bit more than usual. Depends on the circumstances - and the budget - as to what is actually needed. [By 'anyone', I mean any licensed conveyancer if acting professionally, but there's nothing to stop you doing it for yourself]

My accountant has always been 'up with the latest', fairly laid back personality, easy to get along with. Outer east, email me if you like. Ditto bankers, finance brokers and property managers.

I would suggest collecting a few names and anectodes then doing your own shopping around once you actually have the questions to ask. One thing I value is telephone access for a bit of 'free' advice from time to time. Excellence, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Oils aint oils

Good luck


PS The ANZ Bank, in conjunction with the REIV, Archicentre and (I think) the Institute of Accountants, hold 3 or 4 free Home Buyers seminars each year at various locations around Melbourne. Details from their websites or call any of their offices for details.
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