no permit - shed & carport

Hi everyone,

There's a property I'm interested in but the shed & carport don't have permits.
Apparently in this area if the building took place over 7 years ago they don't need to show a permit. Does that mean that council can't tear it down, and that there will be no problems with insurance?

Also, the current owners bought the property 5 years ago, and don't have any info before that, so I'm not sure how I can verify if these were constructed 7+ years ago or not...

Can this cause any problems with insurance / renting the place out?
How would you go about verifying these things, or is it not a big deal anyway?
Ask Council.

I wuld say you will be ok provided they dont break rules, close to fence etc..

Also anything under 10m2 does not need approval.

Mainly look to see if they could pass council regulations if needed.
Have a builder or someone else competent look at them to see if they are of quality build.
Are they likely to give you problems later,
Downpipes not fitted etc,water leaking into neighbors,roof blowing off and hurting someone.

Its better you have them on the property than not to have them.

I would not have a problem buying the property if they look good.
That's just my opinion:eek:
When you call up the council - let them know that you are thinking of purchasing this property and that you just want to confirm that these will not cause a problem for you. They will most likely put you through to the Engineering department... They can check with google maps and see the position of these buildings from that and even send someone out to double check it if you insist. Best of luck!

Wishing you every success,
Ana Stankovic