Ouch ! - Strata management problems

Ouch !

We have just bought into a small block in Perth, only to be told that the Strata Committee chairperson had recently been ousted and that the block needed major work. We offered to join the committee as it is in our best interests to bring the property up to scratch.

Unfortunately, the ousted committee member has 'chucked a hissy fit' in the words of another resident, and is intent on bringing ruin to the committee.

She has lodged a list of sixty (yes, 60) grievances and items that require immediate attention. Whilst I agree that most of these items should eventually be rectified (and indeed some have been budgeted for), she is involving any regulatory authority that she can bring to bear to pressure the committee into bankruptcy.

As a new member to the committee who has only been in place 4 weeks, I am feeling extremely pressured by the time taken to respond to a flurry of ridiculous and asinine requests for information, safety queries, finance queries, additional copies of minutes, maintenance issues, etc from this one resident.

Fortunately, I have reviewed the strata management minutes and finances and have discovered that this particular owner/resident has had a very long history of causing trouble. Additionally, she has not paid strata fees for more than a year. She has now been summonsed over this matter after refusing to meet the shortfall.

My question is, does she have any legal right to make any demands of the strata committee, given the arrears on the strata fees which are intended to fund the activities of this committee?
Hi Anthony,

The best bet is to contact your Strata Body Managers and discuss the matter with them. If you let them know that you think this person is being unreasonable and that you would like their advice, you would probably have someone in your corner straight away.

As far as this person having the right to complain about things when they are in arrears with their Strata fees...again, speak to your Strata Manager and ask them for a strict intepretation of the Strata Title Act as it relates to your situation. I do know that if you are in arrears with your levies, you cannot vote at meetings but I don't know about the right to complain.

Good luck with it, if you need the name of someone who does know the Strata Title Act inside out, send me an email and I will pass on their details