Painting Help !!! Please....

Hiya all,

I need to paint some external besser brick walls ( not rendered or bagged). One is already painted (although it looks like 1 coat and the grey is coming through) and the other isn't. They are on the bottom level of a house.

Just wondered if anyone has had any experience doing this and can give tips to a novice on the following:

1. Best products to use
2. Should I use undercoat
3. how many coats of actual paint
4. Should I use a roller
5. Type of paint (ie. low sheen etc)

I also need to paint a concrete path and wondered if anyone has had any experience with Acid Etching. I have been told that this is required before applying paving paint ? Is it difficult ?

Any help anyone could provide on the above and the do's and don'ts would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to throw in some general painting tip too because I am a serious novice !

PIppety :eek:
acid etching concrete

Hi Pippety

In regards to preparing the concrete path before painting, you should acid etch it as well as high pressure clean it. I actually do decorative spray on concrete resurfacing so have done this many times.

Use hydrocloric acid with water at a ratio of about 1:15 and apply over the surface with a watering can or something similar. Then you should high pressure clean it to get rid of all the dirt deep in the surface of the concrete.

I notice you're in Sydney, I'm in Randwick. If you are close I can lend you my high pressure cleaner.


Adrian See
Hey Pippety!

Acid etching is essential on old concrete as the paint will not otherwise adhere properly. We applied the HA first then cleaned with a hose and good stiff broom (didn't have the high pressure hose but would love one!) for a good result. Paving paint from White Knight went on like a dream (rollered) and viola! Looks good, cheap and easy to apply. We actually got a textured paint as our concrete is near the pool.

Can't help with the besser blocks but I'm wondering if the paving paint might do a good job here as well?
Happy painting :)
Hi Adrian,

First of all, thanks for the great advise you have offered for

Pippety's problem.

However, I think a big thanks goes to you for offering your own

gear to a fellow investor in need of help.

Adrian, you go in my book of nice guy's :)


Phil :)
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Thanks Adrian and Jacque for the great advice and special thanks to Adrian for the offer of the equipment. Unfortunately, the IP is in QLD so I won't be able to take you up on your generous offer.


PIppety :D