PDSlive share subscription


I am looking to start a new group for PDSlive PRO subscription . if anyone interested please contact me at [email protected] .

The details are :

We need max 10 people in the group , each individual will have their own login .
The monthly cost is $265+gst / m . So it will be $26.5 + gst for each individual .

We can start with atleast 5 members and share the initial cost . and lateron we can add more members as and when they come .

Let me know .

pricefinder has driven me nuts all arvo and tonight....

login wont resolve..its as if the domain just doesnt exist my end.

anyone else having the same issues with login?

sorry to hyjack but i cant seem to find anything online that their site is temp down...

its usually a great service but maybe they are still having issues in brisbane after the flooding?