Please recommend Perth accountant

Hi all!

Can anyone please recommend a tax Accountant in Perth?

Preferably someone that's "well off" themselves and deals investors and Fifo workers.

Also someone that's easy to talk to and doesn't mind if you call them whenever to ask for Advice lol.

Tia :)

I have many mining and resources FIFO, WA / QLD clients who are also SS users. Some IP owners and others PT devs.

The location of the tax adviser isn't as important as their experience and ability to address the myriad property issues which can be simple or very complex.

I have clients world wide. Face to face is just so 1990's..And I argue a waste of your time. Someone who accepts emails or calls at any time when you have a question is far better value than sitting there watching them talk and tap a keyboard.

Happy to discuss.
I use and recommend Terry from LG Accounting Solutions in Osborne Park. He's an investor / developer himself so is fairly easy to relate to.

I email / call him fairly often with all my random questions and he's always happy to help.