PM Recommendation for Duncraig & Maylands W.A.

Well folks, I think the time has come to shuffle a couple of properties around and "share the love", so to speak.
The odd jobs and upgrades that I had authorised in May, in time for EOFY, have amounted to nought.
Received a call from my insurance company, just to let me know that that the PM looking after my properties no longer works there. I find it quite odd that I wasn't notified by the agency themselves.
The reason for them to be calling the agency is because they are still waiting on invoices for storm damage in order to pay the contractors who did the work. An insurance company wanting to give their money away, go figure ?

Anyway, it seems this mob are churning staff a bit too often for me to keep track of, and instructions I've given become distorted by the "chinese whispers" of someone telling someone telling someone to fix my damn clothesline.

I was mulling over the idea of handing these two properties over to a well performing PM we already have, however their office is south of the river.
For some reason I keep thinking that an agency local to the properties is better.
Anyone know of any capable PMs in the above or surrounding suburbs ?