Power poles not on lot boundaries when subdividing - can they be moved?

Realised a few weeks ago after talking with the town planner who will lodge our DA that the power poles along the street will not coincide with the boundary lines for our original plan of the lot reconfiguration, i.e., three blocks will have a pole 8m from one side. Any ideas on what it would cost to get the power company to move the poles or whether we are better off to just leave them where they are and let the buyers plan around them when putting in driveways? We would like to avoid situations like this if possible.
in older suburbs, very rarely powerpoles line up with blocks ... i wouldn't sweat on it and leave them as is. the buyers can work around it - unless they're twits.

from memory you're looking around $20k per pole.
Council may require you to provide information on how you will be supplying power to the new lots as part of the requirement to approve the subdivison.

Ergon will not cross a side boundary now to connect power to your new lots so it will be up to them to decide where they will put the pole and how many will be required.

They will most likely get you to fill in a Network connection services information sheet an ask for an application fee of $250 they can take up to anywhere between 28 to 45 days to prepare your offer which will give you an idea of cost for connection. Catch the offer is only valid for 28 days so if you leave it a while before you proceed to connect the power you will be up for another application fee and the price may vary. This will only give you the price to get you access to your lots it will still be up to your electrician (or the new buyers) to connect the power from your house (new dwelling) into it.

My last application first came back at $3500 to move 1 pole for a subdivision, when I went to apply to actually connect the power (6 months later) the price offer had changed to $ 4500 so you will be at their mercy.

It is worth finding out, I have heard some horror stories of it being 3 - 4 times the amount of money of what people had allowed for.