Ppor sale question

From: Whittaker Hamilton

We were about to place our Ppor up for sale soon. But before I got around to it the neighbours house has just gone on the market.
I went to the Real estate ( same one) and they said they were reluctant to place our property on aswell. Suggesting we wait till it has sold first. Although I would rather not wait that long.
Both houses are similar.
What should I do?
Did the realestate seem reluctant cause it suited them?
Should I just list it anyway? Maybe with a rival agent?
What if my place was nicer and listed at the same price as the neighbours?Would I not have an edge?

P.s I am in Lara, Victoria
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From: Duncan M

Hi Whittaker,

Is your neighbor a good friend? If not, sell the home yourself and have your open inspections at the same time as your neighbor, advertising will cost you nothing! :)


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From: Les .

I like your thinking, Duncan.

"What if my place was nicer and listed at the same price as the neighbours? Would I not have an edge?"

Absolutely, Whittaker. Why not become a FSBO? If the RE agent is going to be bringing people by the house next door, and you have a big "For Sale By Owner" sign on it, with the price, you could score a HUGE amount of spin-off, AND save RE fees into the bargain.

Especially if your place LOOKS better from the outside, and the price is similar.

I'd almost bet the RE agents would soon be knocking on your door BEGGING you to let them list it (of course, you won't!!) as they see prospective purchasers writing down your phone number after visiting next door...

Good luck with it,



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Steven Parker

I'm with Les here- what an opportunity! Just look at how many extra garage sales pop up in the street when you have one yourself- ride on someone's else's advertising costs!
Get a local sign writer to do a professional looking sign. Let your solicitor know so that you have a contract ready to go and best of luck!!
Let us know your progress.
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Jan Hellyer

I'm not familiar with Lara so bear with me on this. Two properties together go down extremely well with developers. As next door is an IP, speak with the owner directly. Two properties in a line can be very attractive to a different segment of the market that the one the RE deals with. You could contact a different RE if FSBO doesn't appeal & put the scenario to him. From my experience (Sydney) two properties in a line are as rare as hen's teeth & very sought after. Also, do you really want to list with an agent WHO TURNS BUSINESS AWAY!!
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From: Whittaker Hamilton

Thanks alot for the advice.
I love the idea of a big FSBO and ride on the neighbours advertising.
This has definetly got me thinking now. our property has more street appeal. I think LES may be on to a winner here.

I will have to get to a quote from a rival agent and then decide weather I go FSBO.

I will keep you posted.
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From: Mark Pardi

Very interesting questions you have raised.

The FSBO concept is sound one.

FSBO Australia is available on 02 95991144


The CEO is Mark Woschnak and he is very available and approachable

They provide an excellent FSBO kit that includes everything that you need to sell you home.

So save the agents commission

Capitalize on the inquiry of the neighbouring house.....have the same open for inspection times........all is fair in love and real estate when It comes to your principle place of residence.

The only flip side or logic from an agents point of view is that once the neighbor has sold the agent should have a large pool of buyers to call upon and should be able to sell your house quickly for full price.....without advertising costs....

one would expect !!!

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